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Defender Music Limited Information & Reviews - 4 Rosewin Row, Truro, Cornwall, , TR1 1HG, United Kingdom.

Defender Music Limited Private Limited Company (Reg. No. 03045682) has been incorporated at Companies House under the Companies Act 2006 on 12/04/1995 with registered office located at Defender Music Limited, 4 Rosewin Row, Truro, Cornwall, , TR1 1HG, United Kingdom. Defender Music Limited company operates in 59200 - Sound Recording And Music Publishing Activities. Our system indicates that this company is Active with next due date on 29/07/2015 (last made up date: 29/10/2013).

Company Details:
Company Name: Defender Music Limited
Company Number: 03045682
Address: 4 Rosewin Row, Truro - Cornwall, , TR1 1HG, United Kingdom
City: Cornwall
Post Code: TR1 1HG
Country: United Kingdom
Incorporation Date : 12/04/1995
SIC Code: 59200 - Sound Recording And Music Publishing Activities
Company Category: Private Limited Company
Company Status: Active
Account Ref Day: 29
Account Ref Month 10
Next Due Date: 29/07/2015
Last Made Up Date: 29/10/2013
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